Open Source Video Editor OpenShot gets Hardware Acceleration thru Version 2.5.0

Openshot is a free and open source video editor for FeeBSD, Linux, MacOS, and Windows. It shot into the limelight in 2008 when there was no decent open source video editor. However, Openshot went for a complete rewrite and lost its glory. However the developer, Jonathan Thomas has been persistent and has released a massive new release. The highlights are as below:

  • Hardware decoding and encoding support (nvenc, VA-API): Many graphics cards come with the ability to encode and decode video data without using the CPU. This can result in a huge performance improvement on some systems
  • Rewritten keyframing system for better performance: The new keyframe system delivers real-time interpolated values, and no longer cache the entire value set. The new system can generate almost 100,000 interpolated values compared to old system that would return only 1 value.
  • EDL and XML importing and exporting for Premiere and Final Cut support: One of the most requested features was support for EDL and XML format support used by other software. It also contains the basic timeline data (files, clips, some keyframes, and multiple tracks). The XML format is more advanced by far and supports more features from OpenShot.
  • A brand new approach to generating thumbnails: Projects now have unique asset folders, and thumbnails are now generated using a local HTTP server, check multiple folder locations, and can regenerate missing ones.
  • Blender 2.8x support: Openshot now supports the new *.blend format, and most of the animated titles have been fixed or recreated from scratch. Improved logic around version detection and EXE detection.
  • Improved backup and recovery system
  • SVG compatibility and improvements: fixed many issues around SVG support, transparency issues, font issues, and included a much newer version of resvg library
  • Export improvements: When exporting a video, Openshot no longer modifies the project’s keyframe data thus project data is now safe when exporting.

Grab the latest version from here.




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