Slow render with windows 11 and Ryzen? Cache Latency Fix Pushed in Latest Windows 11 beta

With the new Windows 11 just around the horizon, a report came that AMD’s Ryzen will perform 10-15% lower than windows 10 due to some cash latency issue with the latest version. This gave the edge to its arch competitor Intel which is already touting record braking performance with its 12 gen apollo lake CPU.

This was conclusively tested by Toms’s Hardware where cash latency was as high as 6x resulting in 7.5% to 15% slower gaming performance.

AMD stated that a patch will be released soon which will fix the issue and right on the cue, Build 2200.282 and above will have the patch to fix the issue. This however is only one part of the issue as there is still performance impact on AMD CPUs which is yet to be fixed.

This was explained by AMD that Windows 11 isn’t properly scheduling “preferred” cores on Ryzen processors. Applications sensitive to the performance of one or a few CPU threads may exhibit reduced performance

People who are experimenting with Windows 11 beta build and have AMD Ryzen CPU should update to the latest build. For those rocking Windows 10, they can enjoy the performance till we meet Zen 3D and Zen 4.




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