Blender 3.0 alpha now has new Cycles-X Render Merged, AMD & Intel GPU acceleration support dropped for now

Blender’s latest iteration dubbed version 3.0 is on the horizon (December as per notes) and those who are brave enough now test the new improved physical based rendering engine called Cycles-X in the latest alpha build. Cycles-X will be replacing the aging cycles rendering engine with more modern internal architecture and faster render times. However there is one caveat, the rendering engine specifically supports CUDA and OptiX capabilities which makes it suitable for Nvidia only GPU has OpenCL support had to be dropped and thus AMD and Intel users are stuck with CPU based rendering.

However, the good news is that CPU based rendering has also been tremendously improved.

Thew new renderer will bring:

  • significantly more responsive viewport interactivitydue to new scheduling and display algorithms
  • The recommended workflow is now to set a noise threshold (instead of number of samples) with improved adaptive sampling.
  • OpenImageDenoise was upgraded to version 1.4
  • to avoid memory bottlenecks, high resolution renders are automatically split into large tiles, and each tile is cached to disk as it is completed.
  • The shadow catcher was rewritten
  • Subsurface scattering anisotropy and index of refraction
  • and many more

Check out the updated release note from here.

download the latest builds from this location. Remember, this is an alpha build, and using on a live project is not recommended. with alpha build comes great responsibility (yeah that didn’t even make sense)



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