LibreOffice 6.4 Released

The document foundation has announced a new version of free and open-source office suite available on mutiple platform called LibreOffice 6.4.

This new release has below new major features:

Common Feature Improvement

  • Application icons have been added to document thumbnails 
  • A QR Code generator has been added to the suite
  • Hyperlink context menus have been unified throughout the suite
  • The new Automatic Redaction feature lets your hide classified or sensitive data in a document based on text
  • The help system provides faster and more precise search results

Writer (Alternative to Microsoft Word)

  • A Table panel has been added to the Sidebar
  • Comments can now be marked as resolved.
  • Cutting, copying and pasting of tables has been improved

Calc (Alternative to Microsoft Excel)

  • Spreadsheets can be exported into a single PDF page

Impress & Draw (Alternative to Microsoft Presentation)

  • In the Shape menu, a new option called Consolidate Text combines multiple selected text boxes into a single one. This is useful if you’re importing a PDF and the text content is split across many boxes.

LibreOffice Online

  • In Writer, table properties can be easily modified from the sidebar, and the document Table of Contents can be fully managed by users.
  • In Calc, the Function Wizard is now offering full features, and a wide range of options for selected charts has been added to the spreadsheet sidebar.

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Detail Release note is here.



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