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Open Source 3D Texture Paint App ArmorPaint is Ported to Android- iOS on the Way

The Open source alternative to Substance Painter which is growing leaps and bounds now offers their software on Android Also and are also working on porting the same on iPad OS.

For those who are on the move and want to texture paint their 3D models, this open source alternative is now being unofficially ported to Android Device with dedicated stylus support like S-Pen on Samsung Note and Galaxy Tab. As per the tweet, they are working hard to get this not only ported to iPad OS (which also supports stylus support in form of Apple Pencil), they also want to get this landed on official App Stores.

This is a professionally targeted application and this a good hardware and pressure sensitive stylus support is a must. But if pressured enough, maybe the developer can add extra support for finger based gesture support.

In other news, ArmorPaint also gets Epic MegaGrant of $25000. This will enable this software to hire more devs and help in developing the already impressive software to professional-grade and comparable to Substance painter.




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