Samsung Promo Leaks: Galaxy S20 and Fold 2 Reveal Date Unveiled

The time for the next generation of Galaxy phone series is here. How do we know it? because there is a massive leak of promo material on twitter which clearly states the date of unpack event.

The tweet comes from Max Weinbach and looking at the track record for Samsung related event, we would like to belive the material leaked is genuine. So here it goes, 11th February 2020 will be the date for unpack event. What this promo material does not show is the location of the event.

Now the fun part, Not only we expect the top of the line Galaxy Series to be unveiled, we also expect the next Galaxy Fold to make an appearance too. This can also be guessed by two emerging square in the promo material.

Samsung Galaxy S11… Oops S20

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Samsung is going the best of the best route and thus the next Galaxy S series is touted to sport S20 nomenclature and will arrive in tri avatar. Galaxy S20 will be the entry-level model, then Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

We have already covered the leaked images and some specifications like the Galaxy S20+ will have 5 cameras on the back side and the camera bump suggests that the sensors will be nothing to sneeze at. The camera is placed in X pattern. What about the sensor? well if Xiaomi is of any indicator as they are using Samsung’s latest and greatest sensors in their flagship to not so flagship devices, this phone should at least get a 108MP camera sensor. A 5X optical zoom is also rumored.

On the front side, the screen will have punch hole display to house the camera. The signature Samsung curved display completes the package. The highest model is also supposed to get the largest display at 6.9 inch.

And what is a flagship without top of the line Snapdragon 865.

Galaxy Fold 2

Galaxy Fold 2

New Images have appeared of the prototype of the foldable phone and it has confirmed punch hole foldable display. The UI displayed here is typical Samsung’s One UI affair. This phone folds in a clamshell making it extremely compact in folded format and unfolding it takes it to regular phone size. However, unlike Motorola’s Razr, this design does not have a protruding chin.

This also gets a front display when folded for notification purposes. But it is hard to see the full capability as Razr can use the display for selfie also.

The Clock is ticking and this year Samsung is using all the tricks up its sleeve to launch a worthly flagship model.




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