Google App to get Call Recording

MIUI already announced that their phone app will be replaced by Gooogle Phone app which takes away a crucial feature, call recording. But this seems like a tactical move as XDA has unearthed that Google is getting ready to add this feature.

XDA decoded the resource of the latest version of Google Phone app and have discovered strings related to call recording. There is a new layout and icon pertaining to call recording feature.

Call recording was a feature back in Pre Android Pie days (Oops that should be Android 9), but the same was removed from ANdroid 9 and hasn’t appeared yet in Android 10.

People who want to use call recording had to either rely on the manufacturer’s implementation (if any) or install custom roms with that feature.

However, the call recording feature is a bit trivial as this could only be enabled in a specific region only. So a universal API to make other apps use it to make call recording app is out of bound as of yet. With the new dialer, Google is essentially giving this feature for free until you use the Google App and are the right region of the world.




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