MediaTek Aims at Affordable Gaming Phone: Launches Helio G70

High graphic gaming (PC gamers laughing) on mobile has been going on for a while after games like PUBG, MOdern Warfare, Fortnite etc came to the scene. This is the reason that Mid range and lower end mobiles GPU are also getting beefier and manufacturing is throwing game mode to get more customers. MediaTek has sensed the opportunity and are gearing up to introduce new chip called MediaTek Helio G70 for gamers looking at affordable phones.

MediaTek Helio


The 12nm SOC has two clusters with 2X Cortex A75 @ 2.0GHz for powerlifting tasks and 6X Cortex A55 @ 1.7GHz for power saving.


The GPU is powered by ARM Mali G52 2EEMC2 running at 820MHz. This supports display upto 1080p with ratio of 21:9.


The modem supports 4G VoLTE and 300Mbps downlink. There is no 5G modem which is limited to Dimensity 800 and 1000.

Camera Support

The ISP inside the Helio G70 supports a single 48MP camera (Quad Bayer) or two 16MP cams. there is NeuroPilot for AI tasks


Wifi 5 along with Bluetooth 5.0 are supported. STorage is limited to eMMC 5.1 only and thus people should not expect UFS storage on these devices.




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