Microsoft’s Edge Browser in Chromium Avtar Goes Stable

Microsoft was the browser king at the peak of Internet Explorer but the open-source competition kicked the image so low that Microsoft’s initial Edge browser, though better than the competition never picked up. Microsoft has now made the smart move and moved the edge browser to open source Chromium project. This also has shiny new icon to make a clean break from old browser confusion.

Using Chromium has base has other advantages also. This removes the engine development headache and this is as Internet Standard compliant as it gets. Microsoft is now free to to invest more features in edge browser instead of devoting on engine development. Thus this new browser is faster and also has some nifty features like an Internet Explorer mode for compatibility with older web apps.

This also makes download chrome browser redundant as this is fully compliant to chrome apps (which are now being dumped by Google itself). All the lovely extensions of Chrome also works.

Good thing is that Microsoft is not shoving the new browser down everyone’s throat vide windows update. This still remains optional and makes life of IT administrator easy. Right now windows install have IE, Old Edge and this will make 3 browsers out of the box. Good thing is that new Edge is so distinct looking that people should not confuse with the old browsers.

Internet Explorer has been like a sore tooth with trivial web page rendering and speed issues. Not to mention internet had moved miles ahead and IE was not compatible. The sad part is now there is less competition in browser engine space as every major browser has moved to WebKit engine and only Mozilla Firefox is the only alternative browser that has a different rendering engine called gecko. But will the third time be the charm for Microsoft? Time will tell.

Download the latest version from here.




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