This is how Microsoft’s Surface Duo May look with Android OS

It is as hard to digest as typing Microsoft and Android in same sentence but the fact remains that Microsoft’s Surface Duo will have Android OS. Although the services and the features are something Microsoft will add its twist to it.

The Surface Duo has an usual form factor with two 5.6-inch displays each with a resolution of 1350 x 1800. Although this also opens up to become a 8.3 Inch tablet like device, This is still very different from Samsung’s Fold as this is not using a flexible display but two sperate display. Also Samsung has stuck with Google services, Microsft we bet will come up with integration with its own services.

And now we have the look of how this product will look like and how the OS will look like in motion thanks to Windows Central Senior Editor Zac Bowden who have tweeted some interesting unfinished OS in action running on an Emulator.

By the looks of it, it seems this device will support 360 degree rotation and usage. The hardware will detect the position and the software will adjust the UI. The home launcher is Microsoft’s Signature launcher which recently acquired a new interface and was completely rewritten from scratch. This along with Surface Duo announcement does add things up.


There is this interesting laptop like mode which will allow this device to view app on one screen and let you type on the second. This could theoretically be a game changer if Microsoft Bundles its office suite which requires this sort of form factor for data manipulation.

The device can also be used as an inverted V like position to be used a Night Lamp / Clock. Neat!

This is absolutely massive as this device is now going to leverage the “surface” brand as the earlier mobile attempt by Microsoft has completely flopped. Using Android brings lots of app compatibility which was the sore point of Microsoft Mobile which lacked app ecosystem.

Microsoft Launcher in Landscape Mode

Microsoft is doubling down on Open Source tech by Google which including moving from its own browser engine to switching to Chromium and now Android on its mobile device. Next, we will hear ChromeOS on surface tablet (we are just kidding! or Are we?).




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