Microsoft Launcher 6.0 Brings New UI: Sets Tone for Surface Duo

Believe it or not, but Microsoft has tons of software for Android OS including a launcher. Once considered rivals in the mobile phone segment, Microsoft has braced Android and now has brought it app ecosystem. Microsoft has now released a preview version of its launcher which by the looks of it, seems like a major update.

What’s new?

Microsoft Surface Duo

The new launcher brings landscape mode and improved dark mode. The app has been rewritten on a new codebase. Theme option has been removed making its design element more consistent.

App Drawer

The feed which was also available in the previous release also gets a major revamp. The App drawer is also much cleaner and gone are the days of app categorization and extra padding.

LandScape Mode

The introduction of Landscape mode also sets the tone for what would come inside Surface Duo phone announced by Microsoft which surprisingly will use Android OS. The device is supposed to have two screens (although it will not have a flexible display like Samsung) and this landscape mode is very important.

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