Autodesk announces Arnold 7 – Gets Denoise enhancement galore

The next major version of Arnold is announced by Autodesk and it has tons of enhancement and bug fixes. biggest being the inclusion of intel’s implementation of denoiser and other denoising enhancements. This includes:

denoiser in action
  • General enhancements:
    • Denoising:
      • ODIN Inclusion: AI-accelerated denoiser that runs on CPU that has been integrated into Arnold by Intel. Also known is Open Image denoising (ODIN)
      • Optix and ODIN enhancement: Added specular reflections and refractions to the albedo, which can improve denoiser quality
      • Automatic selection of box filtering with OIDN and OptiX denoisers
    • LUT based tone mapping: Image tonemapper now supports LUT files based tone mapping.
    • Improved support for imagers shared by multiple drivers
    • Improved imagers refresh rate in IPR
    • Improved filter performance in progressive rendering
    • Added support for multiple parallel render sessions on CPU
    • Visible lights now transparent: allowing black parts of textured lights to be masked away
    • The EXR driver can now render AOVs as separate images
    •  The sss_setname feature that allows subsurface effects to spread between distinct objects is now supported in the randomwalk mode on CPU
    • GPU Enhancement:
      • Reduced VRAM use for polymeshes
      • Reduced VRAM use for GPU volumes:
      • Support for matte has been added to the GPU integrator

These were the major changes, but there are tons more including USD, API, bug fixes etc.

Read the complete changes in here.



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