Intel announces 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU- Performance uplift upto 50%

After lingering for 14nm for so many years (and garnering 14++++ meme), Intel has finally moved on to new process node and announced its most powerful gaming CPU that as per their claim demolishes the competition (read AMD). Intel has finally reached node parity (well the nodes have been misnamed by everyone).

Introduction to the small core and big core architecture to x86 world: The processors now have performance cores called P-cores and efficiency cores called E-cores. The P-cores like the previous generation will have SMT. So each core will have two threads. However, the E cores will not have SMT and will act as single-thread cores. Each set of cores will have different frequencies both standard and boost. Intel also promises an IPC uplift of 19% compared to the previous generation. The lowest E cores base frequency is 2400 Mhz which can turbo upto 3900 Mhz. The P cores can have base frequency of 3200 Mhz which can turbo upto 5200 Mhz

ParticularsCoresBase Clock (E-Core)Turbo Clock (E-Core)Base Clock (P-Core)Turbo Clock (P-Core)Base PowerTurbo PowerPrice

PCI-E 5 Support: This is the first CPU and chipset to offer PCI-E 5 support with up to 16 lanes. However, it can also support PCI-E 4 12 lanes.

DDR5 memory support: The system will support both DDR5-4800 and DDR4-3200 with a maximum of 128GB.

New Power Definition: The power consumption definition of TDP till Yester generation is now replaced by :

  • Processor Base Power (Base): Guaranteed Peak Power at Base Frequency
  • Maximum Turbo Power (Turbo): The Maximum Power at full turbo mode that is in spec

Intel’s Xe-LP GPUs: The K processors will feature 32 EUs of Intel’s Xe-LP graphics, and will be called UHD Graphics 770.

Reduced Power consumption: Multithreaded performance of 11th generation CPU is matched at just 1/4th power consumption.

Revamped cache: Alder Lake will feature up to 30 MB of non-inclusive LL Cache which will shared by both P and E cores.

The CPUs can be preordered and will be available from October.




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