Samsung Teases Clamshell Foldable Phone

Samsung made the news splash by becoming the first manufacturer to sell a foldable screen smartphone. The Phone had its own flaws and attracted attention, not in favour of Samsung. But Samsung is undeterred and has teased another foldable phone in its 2019 developer conference.

This time around, Samsung is opting for portability in mind and are introducing clamshell design instead of a vertical screen fold introduced in Galaxy Fold design which packs in huge screen real estate once unfolded.

This comes right after Lenovo’s Motorola tease of Moto Razr which will have the same clamshell design along with an iconoc brand recognition. It is possible that Motorola may beat Samsung to the punch but Samsung has one thing better than Motorola, Experience!

TCL is also showcasing dual-hinge foldable phone.

As seen in the embedded video, the phone is expected to have punch hole camera. This would be the first foldable screen with punch hole.

Let’s just hope the second generation of foldable phone has removed the flaws in the original and cost less than $2000.



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