Unity Acquired ArtEngine 2021.10 Released: Now Cheaper

Unity Technologies has announced the new release of its AI-powered material authoring toolset ArtEngine with nifty new features and now offer multiple subscription offers including a reduced subscription price of $19.00/month which is a massive reduction compared to $95/month. This includes:

  • 30-day free trial
  • Templates
  • Email support
  • Unlimited materials and projects

ArtEngine 2021.10 also includes a pro subscription of $95/month which includes:

  • Everything in the ArtEngine standalone product
  • Full offline functionality
  • Batching

Here are the new features incorporated in the 2021.10 release:

Unity Direct Link:

Unity now has added an automatic system to convert ArtRage Node to Unity native (of course)  and now offers involves outputting shareable native content to Unity .unitypackage materials with directlink features with changes live occurring in Unity. the Unity Direct Link supports all Unity render pipelines, including the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and Standard Render Pipeline.

Introduction to ArtEngine templates:

This enables users to structure the workflows and then save them as a template to reuse or share with others. ArtEngine has also built predefined templates curated by experts to be used in the projects.

AI-Assisted masking:

Users can now use AI to create masks instead of hand painting them and thus saving tons of time. you can automatically split up textures into individual region selections with the help of a few primitive mask inputs




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