Nvidia’s Crypto Mining Limit Hacked

With the onslaught of miners scalping all the GPUs available in the market, Nvidia devised a plan to curb crypto users by artificially limiting the mining rate on their mid-tier GPUs i.e. RTX 3060. They also promised that hacking the bios would not result in bypassing the mining limit.

But here we are, the mining limit is not only bypassed, there are multiple ways to do it.

source: bitdegree

Nvidia accidentally published a driver update that unlocked full mining capability. Although it is now removed from the website it can still be downloaded thanks to internet sleuth.

Now there is an another method which can fool the drivers using a dummy HDMI connector. in this case, it fools the driver into thinking that there are two GPU in the system wherein the display is being done by other GPU and opens up RTZ 3060 for full blown mining hash rate.

This proves that whatever Nvidia does, miners will find a way to unlock the full potential of the new GPU. it is expected that Nvidia in order to compete with AMD’s Radeon RX6 series GPU will launch their TI models for high-end cards and these GPUs will also be crypto crippled to curb miners from highjacking the stock. Time will tell if their strategy will work or not.


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