Snapdragon 765 announced- Get 5G for Cheap

Qualcomm has announced a 5G ready Snapdragon 865, but since not everyone has the pocket to afford top of the line SOC, Qualcomm has also announced a mid-range SOC called Snapdragon 765 through their tech summit which has integrated 5G modem. Thus, this SOC becomes the first SOC with an integrated 5G modem as SD865 does not comes with integrated modem (but 5G modem is compulsorily available for it).


Just like its bigger brother, the mid segment SOC has tri cluster design. The most powerful cluster has 1x Kryo 475 CPU which is based on Cortex A76 running at 2.30 Ghz.

The second cluster with middle level performance has 1x Kryo 475, but are clocking at 2.20Ghz.

The third lightweight cluster has 6x Kryo 385 based on Cortex A55 running at 1.8Ghz.


Adreno 620 handles the GPU duty. Although no clock speed and other specifications are revealed, Qualcomm states that the GPU performs 20% better than Adreno 618. Resolution supported is FHD+ and refresh rate can go upto 120Hz.


There is a new hexagon 696 chip with AI tensor acceleration which can perform at 5.5TOPS which is just shy away from last year’s flagship which at best was limited to 7 TOPS.


The SOC supports upto 12GB of RAM but no LPDDR5 support is seen here. Memory support is limited to 2x16bit, LPDDR4x.


The Spectra 355 ISP supports 192 MP camera bringing high resolution camera support to mid range, a trend that is being set in 2019 and we guess will continue in 2020. Slow motion video can be captured 720p @ 480 FPS.

Wifi and Bluetooth

Nothing less from the latest Wifi 6 and Bluetooth, however, is at version 5. The Bluetooth now also has aptX Voice support. The modem here is Snapdragon X52 which is 5G ready and supports all the band (including mmwave) just like bigger sibling but theoretical download and upload speeds is limited to 3.7Gbps and 1.6Gbps respectively. The modem uses the latest 7nm for manufacturing. However, Samsung has already beaten Qualcomm as they have already announced 5G ready SOC.

Snapdragon 765 bodes well compared to last year’s mid segment SOC but the competition is now more fierce. Samsung already has 5G ready mid-segment SOC with Exynos 980 which also has Cortex A77. The wait and watch begin.




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