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Open Source RAW Photo Editor RawTherapee Gets New Version v5.8- Recovers Lens Blur Distortion

The free and open source alternative to Adobe Lightroom has a new release called RawTherapee v5.8. This comes after they released v5.7 in Sept 2019.

It has a non-destructive editing workflow where the edits, rather than being immediately applied to raster data of the image, the program keeps the original image data until final rendering at the exporting stage. It is primarily focused on improving a photographer’s workflow by facilitating the handling of large numbers of images.

This is similar to another famous open source Raw image editor called DarkTable.

New Features

  • Automatically recover detail lost to lens blur (diffraction) using the new Capture Sharpening tool, located in the “Raw” tab. It takes place right after demosaicing, and as it works in linear space it is not prone to haloing. Capture Sharpening in combination with Post-Resize Sharpening allows for detailed and crisp results.
  • CR3 support: image data is decoded so you can process your raw files, but metadata is not supported yet. If you have an ICC or DCP input profile for your CR3-producing camera, you will need to point RawTherapee to it manually (Color tab > Color Management > Input Profile > Custom).
  • Improvements of various camera models (new DCP dual-illuminant input profiles, raw crops, white levels, etc.), speedups and optimizations to various tools, better memory management, various bug fixes. See the git log for details.

Get the latest version from here.



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