Intel Unveils New Atom with 30% Performance Upliftment

When we all thought that Intel has ceded the ultra low power segment to ARM, here comes new Atom code named “Tremont” ultra low power 10nm CPU.


Tremont succeeds last year’s Goldmont+ and all the previous “monts”. This generation aims at increasing single thread performance and using the latest fabrication process intel has i.e. 10nm. And what improvements have they achieved, gaining 30% IPC (instruction per cycle).


The biggest change is use of Core Branch prediction and use of out of order instruction decode. This is further connected with 4.5MB of L2 Cache. This is also using Foveros technology which can mix and match different CPU in single die. This is essentially Intel’s Version of ARM’s Big.Little architecture..

Branch prediction is a technique wherein a processor looks at the possible outcomes of an operation, guesses the most likely result and performs a part of the calculation in advance

Security & Instructions

Tremont supports Total Memory Encryption to prevent physical attacks, Rooted Secure Boot and Boot Guard. With respect to Spectre, Meltdown, and L1TF, Intel stated that Tremont will have the same protections as Cascade Lake. Intel Speed Shift is supported which can improve responsiveness with faster hardware controlled frequency changes.



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