Intel Unveils World’s Largest FPGA- Packs 43.3 Billion Transistors

Xilinx demonstrated the world’s largest FPGA in August 2019 which had 35 billion transistors. Not to be left behind, Intel has now one-upped Xilinx and has introduced a chiplet design FPGA package boasting 43.3 billion transistors.

Code named Stratix 10 GX 10M, the product has two large FPGA dies and 10.2 million logic elements and 2304 user I/O pins. The dies are connected using intel’s next generatEMIB 2.5D packaging which provides high bandwidth connectivity. The EMIB data interface bus has 25,920 connections. Since each connection has a 2Gb/s throughput, this makes for an inter-die bandwidth of 6.5TB/s which is the first such use of EMIB. Previously EMIB was used in Kaby Lake-G.

The new record braking FPGA is built on Intel’s 14nm process. 

Due to the usage of chiplet system, Intel has claimed that it is already shipping production silicon to customers.

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