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KDE Plasma Mobile Gets Interface Improvement

As seen previously, KDEs mobile interface has started to take modern shape after launch of Librem 5 and almost there PinePhone. Since Pinephone is getting community push instead of reinventing the wheel, PinePhone seems like the best candidate for Plasma Mobile.

In their weekly report, KDE Plasma gets a new fresh coat of paint in the notification section and icons.

  • Plasma Mobile now uses the same notification code that is used on the desktop
  • The dialer now uses the SearchField component from Kirigami, giving it the same look and feel.
  • The icons in the top drawer are consistently monochrome now.
  • The WiFi settings have received an overhaul. Distinguishing the active connection is now easier due to connections being grouped by their state. Furthermore, it’s now possible to forget a connection that has been used before 
  • Miscellaneous fixes to the calendar and browser app are also there.

Get the complete changes in their weekly report.



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