AMDs Roadmap Shows Zen 4 and RDNA 2 Status

AMD is having good momentum and it seems that the momentum will continue to roll as Guru3D has shared roadmaps of AMDs status of new CPU and GPU.

The CPU Side

Although nothing new here as per future prediction. Since it was known AMD is working on Zen 3 and 4. What is more significant is that ZEN 3 design is complete and can readily use TSMC’s 7+ nm production process. This process is already in use by Apple for its A13 SOC.

GPU Side

In a similar fashion to CPU side, a roadmap of GPU also shows that RDNA based GPU is already shipping a.k.a. Navi. However, RDNA 2 is still in design phase which means in near future we will most probably more GPUs based on present RDNA architecture. It is expected that RDNA 2 will feature ray tracing cores which will launch next nearing the launch of Next Gen consoles so that PC does not take all the thunder from consoles.



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