Chinese CPU maker Zhoxin targets AMD and Intel in x86 Arena

When we think of desktop CPU we only imagine AMD and Intel because od x86 dependency. Not only this but Since USA has started a trade war with China, AMD’s aspiration for the Chinese market has stalled. But there is a third contender who has x86 license, VIA. The collaboration with Zhaoxin seems to create another force in x86 market for China and the plans are very aggressive.

Zhaoxin will be designing KaiXian (Desktop CPU) and KaiSheng series (Server CPU). Its new KX-7000 processor will use an unannounced CPU architecture and will be built on the 7nm node with an integrated GPU which will be DX12 ready, and features PCIe 4.0 and DDR5 technology support.

The KaiSheng KH-4000 processor designed for the server would still be based on a 16 nm process node. However, Zhaoxin will use new microarchitecture and will also offer quadruple the cores/threads compared to the existing KH-3000 series processors, resulting in upto 32 cores and 64 threads.




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