VIA creates x86 CPU with AI Co-processor

When we thought that x86 processors are the domain of Intel and AMD only, VIA springs right back with a new CPU aimed at deep learning inference performance.

VIA’s subsidiary Centaur Technology, a small CPU design company based in Austin, Texas has demonstrated 8 core x86 CPU fabricated at 16nm by TSMC which can perform 20TOPS with its AI coprocessor. The chip has 16MB of L3 cache and a total of 44 PCIe lanes. AVX -512 support has also been implemented.

Presently, the reference platform runs at 2.5 GHz

As per Glenn Hendry, Centaur’s Chief Architect

We set out to design an AI co-processor with 50 times the inference performance of a general-purpose CPU. We achieved that goal. Now we are working to enhance the hardware for both high-performance and low-power systems, and we are disclosing some of our technology details to encourage feedback from potential customers and technology partners

About Centaur Technology Austin, Texas-based Centaur Technology is a small group of very talented engineers that have been designing AI accelerator technology for high-performance, low-cost x86- compatible microprocessors. Over the past 24 years, Centaur Technology has shipped 26 different x86-based designs with millions of units sold. More information is at




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