Arnold 6 is now Available

Autodesk is on a roll, they have announced, Maya, 3DSMax and now Arnold 6 is here. The popular rendering software now supports GPU also taking rendering speed to next level. The renderer also supports RTX GPU using OptiX library just like Blender.

The release highlights are as below:

  • improved support for Open Shading Language (OSL)
  • Improved support for OpenVDB volumes
  • Textures are now loaded on-demand instead of at the start of the render, helping to reduce memory usage and save time from the first pixel
  • Time to first pixel is now faster thanks to a number of improvements including more efficient NVIDIA OptiX caching
  • Bounding volume hierarchy (BVH) memory used by geometry is reduced by as much as 50% for large meshes
  • A first version of the new Shadow Matte shader has been added to the GPU renderer
  • Excessive sources of noise have been removed, such as indirect noise in refractions or reflections. GPU noise is now on par with CPU noise when using adaptive sampling, which has been improved to yield even faster, more predictable results regardless of the renderer used.
  • Most LPEs (39/46 and counting) are now supported
  • The majority of lights are supported, including portals
  • All cameras are now supported
  • Most shaders are supported 

The introductory video of Arnold 6 is attached below:




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