ARM announces New NPU, GPU and DPU

ARM has announced a slew of new products that are ancillary to their SOC designs. This includes NPU which now has a dedicated branding of Ethos. NPU named N57 and N37 are launched which are overshadowed by existing NPU called N77.

Specifications: Ethos N77 have peak performance of 4 TOP/s @ 1GHz with 1-4MB of SRAM, N57 has 2 TOP/s @ 1GHz with 512KB SRAM. N37 1 TOP/s @ 1GHz with 512KB SRAM


A mid range GPU using a newer architecture called Valhall was launched dubbed as Mali G57. This Valhall architecture succeeds Bifrost engine and promises 30% more efficiency, 30% more performance and 60% improvement in machine learning.


The new DPU launched is based on Komeda architecture and targets 2K and FHD resolution. called D37.

Before everyone go crazy with all the PU launches, let’s clarify the terminology first

NPU: Neural Processing Unit- It is an Artificial Intelligence accelerator which help in hardware acceleration of machine learning activities instead of using GPU. This includes Image recognition, speech translation etc.

GPU: Graphics Processing Unit- A chip that helps in rapid processing of mathematical calculations and rendering of images.

DPU: Display Processing Unit: is simply units with minimal 2D acceleration to drive display.



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