Open Source Partition Editor GParted 1.1 Released

New GParted 1.1.0 is up which is a maintenance release for the famous open source partition editor. There are some new features also as listed below.

  • Faster minfo and mdir to read FAT16 and FAT32 usage,
  • Ability to calculate the size of JFS partitions more accurately
  • Adds support for recognizing ATARAID members, as well as to detect their busy status, and improves the moving of locked LUKS-encrypted partition.
  • Bug fixes

The GParted is a standalone software that can be bundled with any Linux distribution. For specific partition needs where the partition is OS agnostic, GParted has an ISO which can boot in live environment and is based in CentOS Linux 7.

GParted is a free partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions.

What is GParted?

With GParted you can resize, copy, and move partitions without data loss, enabling you to:

  • Grow or shrink your C: drive
  • Create space for new operating systems
  • Attempt data rescue from lost partitions

GParted reached the 1.0 milestone last year in May. The official GParted Live system should also be updated in the coming days based on GParted 1.1.0.

The Version 1.1. based ISO is still not up, but when it does, users can download the same from here.



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