Playstation Devkit’s Image Leaks- V design was real.

Playstation has been making rounds in internet’s corner with news trickling here and there and the Roman no. 5 shaped devkits which represent the next-gen Playstation as PS5. Turns our, the rumors are true and @ZONEofTech has image and has now presented video of the said image.

The leaked devkit has giant V with exhaust all round, tons of port in front. This is prototype 1 as clearly stated. There are System Init, and Network Init buttons which is not in a typical retail unit giving slight credential to the leaked image.

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Here is the video Coverage

We have already covered about Playstation 5 and we know that PSV will have an 8 core 16 thread AMD Zen 2 based CPU and Navi based GPU with Hardware based ray tracing engine.

The Playstation is expected to launch in Holiday Season of 2020.



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