AMD Overtakes Nvidia for the First Time in Five Years

As per the quarterly report from Jon Peddie Research for Q2 2019, AMD’s total GPU shipment in PC segment is more than Nvidia’s market share for the first time in 5 years.

This is quite surprising as neither AMD has top end discrete GPU nor are on feature parity with Nvidia (a.k.a. raytracing). So either their low cost Polaris based products are doing well after price cut or Ryzen APUs are selling like a hot cake which seems more plausible since AMD is taking back lots of market share from Intel.

Obviously, with this report, Intel remains the king of the hill with all those CPU embedded GPUs they sell. The last time AMD has the upper hand in market share compared to Nvidia was when R9 290X was the fastest GPU.

Total Graphics Market ShareQ2’19


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