AMD to take on Nvidia RTX 2080 with Navi 12 Radeon RX 5800

Nvidia is the reigning king when it comes to High end GPU and lower end GPUs. AMD wants to end this reign by preparing AMD Navi 12 & Navi 14 GPUs which will most probably called RX5800 and RX5600.

From AMDs side, lower-end GPUs competition is handled by AMDs Polaris based GPU which are just too old with multiple refreshes already in the way.

The high end charge is taken by Radeon VII which is again die shrunk version of Vega GPU.

The details come from scrutinizing linux drivers, though which one can infer the memory bus speed as per below table.

ParticularsRadeon RX 5800Radeon RX 5700Radeon RX 5600
GPUNavi 12Navi 10Navi 14
Bus Interface256-bit256-bit128-bit

Since RX 5800 will be high end GPU, we can be sure Radeon VII will be phased (maybe its already has). Since Vega has HBM 2 memory, will RX 5800 sports the same? that is yet to be clarified.

The information comes from 3dcenter forums.



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