ARM demos Chiplet design

AMD is extensively using and Intel who initially mocked this approach has announced through Jim Keller that their future designs will include Chiplet systems and now ARM is also demoing a 7nm chipset design with interposer borrowed from TSMC.

So what are Chiplet design and Interposer?

In server space, you require as much as CPUs as possible in a single design to bring the cost down and in CPU should be able to communicate with each other fast enough.

So let’s say we have to separate chip and we want them in a single die. there is chip 1 and then chip 2. These identical chips will be called chiplets. the bus connecting them for fast communication which will make OS see them as a single unit is called interposer.

ARM along with TSMC have demoed this chiplet design where each chiplet using 7nm FinFET chiplet which in turn has four Cortex-A72 cores, connected via a “bi-directional interconnect mesh bus.” The chiplet has 2MB of L2 and 6MB of L3 cache. Interestingly both CPU cores and the interconnect mesh all operate at 4GHz.

TSMC says the system taped out in December 2018 and was produced in April 2019



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