Google bids to buy Fitbit

Although not exactly by Google but its parent company Alphabet Inc. has bid for fitbit, but we all know it would most probably be used by Google’s hardware division that is the division responsible for Pixel.

While Google already has software for these type of devices called Wear OS its adoption rate is a kind of abysmal compared to mobile OS called Android OS. Its not that wearables are not going good as demonstrated by Apple that there can be fair demand for such devices. However, due to poor performance, lack of intuitiveness and poor battery life has resulted in google ceding the segment altogether.

Not to mention that even Samsung is using its own OS called Tizen instead of Wear OS. Fitbit in its portfolio could change all this.

Google has been interested in making its own line of wearable dubbed pixel watch. Even though a recent rumor pointed out that Google was about to launch Pixel Watch, the same is delayed again.

This is to be noted that Fitbit although succeeds in making fitness tracker after acquiring Pebble in 2016 (and thus killing the competition), it has yet to show its prowess in Smartwatch yet.

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