Intel to go back to Tick Tock cadence, Recapture Manufacturing process Leadership

Intel was one of the top leaders in the silicon fabrication process and after AMD sold its fabrication facilities to Global Foundaries, It remained the only chip designer who had its own manufacturing facilities in PC sphere. Intel had its famous strategy of yearly Tick-Tock where tick would represent a reduction in the fabrication process, tock would represent enhancement while continuing using the previous manufacturing process.

However, in past few years, Intel has stumbled in ramping up its manufacturing process and has ceded its leadership to the likes of TSMC and Samsung who have not only established 7nm process but are on the verge of taping 5nm chips and 3nm are also in the pipeline. Intel has delayed its 10nm manufacturing node multiple time from the announcement date of April 2018 and has released its 14nm process with improvements wherever possible. Although it has to be kept in mind that Intel’s 10nm is comparable to 7nm of TSMC due to difference in fin width definition for manufacturers.

Reclaiming The Leadership

Intel has finally now landed 10nm products with its dual 10th generation CPU strategy (This is absolutely confusing as the 10th Gen CPU now has both 10nm and 14nm products), Intel when revealing its record-breaking quarterly earning report that they are ramping up their 10nm production in  Oregon, Israel and Arizona and are hoping to re-establish its tick-tock strategy for few node shrinks as claimed by Bob Swam, CEO Intel. Well at least for new node shrink beyond which silicon have will shrink so much that further shrinking would render it impossible.

Let’s not forget that intel also wants to jump into discrete GPU market and their first product might be using 10nm process also.



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