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Manjaro establishes Corporate Entity

Manjaro has become one of the most popular distro which combines rolling model of Arch Linux with ease of installation and maintenance. But maintaining distro has always been a hobby like a project where community members collaborate and maintain software and incur hardware cost either through their own pocket or donation from users.

Manjaro wanted to break out of this hobby shell, they already have good relationship with hardware vendors where they ship laptops with pre-installed Manjaro Linux. The Manjaro team announced today they have established Manjaro GmbH & Co KG as the corporate entity behind the distribution.

As per Philip, here are the major changes

Most importantly: Manjaro itself is not changing and the project will continue to run in its current form.
The two main changes are:
To transfer donation funds to a non-profit “fiscal host 88” which will then accept and administer donations on the project’s behalf. This secures the donations and makes their use transparent.
A new established company, Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG, to enable full-time employment of maintainers and exploration of future commercial opportunities.
This new structure should enable Manjaro to reach the next level, for example:
enable developers to commit full time to Manjaro and its related projects;
interact with other developers in sprints and events around Linux;
protect the independence of Manjaro as a community-driven project, as well as protect its brand;
provide faster security updates and a more efficient reaction to the needs of users;
provide the means to act as a company on a professional level.
The whole team agrees that nothing should change for the running of the project or its relationship with the community. It will remain open and welcoming for all users and contributors.

Full announcement is here



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