Microsoft Previews New DirectX 12 Features

Microsoft along with Nvidia brought DXR (DirectX Ray Tracing) support with DirectX 12. The DXR API used everyone to showcase the ray tracing capabilities were standing at version 1.0. However, Microsoft has now stepped forward to Version 1.1

Let us consider the important features one by one.

  • Raytracing Improvement– This includes adding extra shaders to an existing Raytracing Pipeline State Object (PSO), which greatly increases the efficiency of dynamic PSO additions.

  • Mesh Shading: Mesh shader is the next generation of geometry processing inside GPU. It  is supposed to enhance performance by allowing geometry to be pre-culled without having to output new index buffers to memory. Mesh shader will replace existing the current input assembler, vertex shader, hull shader, tessellator, domain shader, and geometry shader. This will aid in better geometric details without sacrificing frame rates according to Microsoft.
  • Sampler Feedback: This will allows games to generate a “Feedback Map” during rendering. This map will help games load only the textures needed for the most detailed MIP levels. Games, especially those with 4K assets, will have faster load times with lower memory pressure.

The feature is now available in Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds (20H1) for testing by developers. This also coincides with Nvidia’s Rumor of enhanced Raytracing performance in their Next Gen lineup

To learn more, go to Microsoft’s Developer Blog.



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