Next Gen Xbox Cheaper Model May have Significantly Less RAM

PS5 has taken the limelight with disclosure of the new system and features and dev-kits are leaking left and right. However, Microsoft has taken the Mum route and will surprise everyone when the launch is near. Even the leaks are limited. But now we have new rumors where it seems Microsoft is preparing two console, a lite version with limited RAM and the full blown version.

The news comes from Kotaku’s Podcast where Jason Schreier, recently provided a bit more information about lite version of Next Xbox.

This is similar to what we have now with a lite version and a pro version. So the breakdown is like this, Xbox Scarlett is the broad umbrella under which there will be two SKUs, The top of the line codenamed Anaconda and the lite version code named Lockhart.

The lite version will have next gen features including CPU, GPU and SSD, however, it will be light on RAM. Now there could also be some feature cut, as we already know that next-gen consoles will have ray tracing engine. The lite version may cut this feature to save cost. But this is full speculation from our part.

The leakster also claimed that “both Sony and Microsoft are aiming for GPUs that are more powerful than the graphics cards, like the RTX 2080, that are on the market today”

It is to be noted that there is no confirmation if both the models will be launched simultaneously and all the above information must be taken with a pinch of salt. It is still of a chore from the developer’s point of view who will have to create games that are compatible with both the system.




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