Pixel 4 is Official, First Dual Camera and 90Hz Pixel with no Finger Sensor is here

Letting no stones unturned (well except for one), This year pixel wants to get everything modern with a dual camera, notchless design and Neural core to its… well core.

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Lets get this straight first, there is no difference in both the siblings apart from dimension and battery size. Rest the camera, the software, the Neural system everything is same. So Let’s dive into unique features first.

The camera

The stronghold of Google Pixel (and the weakest link in Nexus Line), Google has been doing with Single camera what other manufacturers were struggling with quad cameras. This time the ante is up with dual cameras, the main being 12MP sensor with a f/1.7 aperture lens, while the telephoto camera has a 16MP sensor with an f/2.4 aperture lens. No ultrawide lens to see here. But that is offset with 3X hybrid zoom. An 8MP selfie camera completes the setup.

HDR+ can now be viewed while composing the photo instead of waiting to see the CPU intensive process to complete after taking a photo.

Astrophotography becomes a new buzzword as google ups the best night sight implementation to the next level to photograph stars with an exposure time of massive 4 minutes.

The colour correction is now handled using AI. Better depth sensing thanks to dual camera and better bokeh effects.

For video, the camera can shoot at 4K 30fps video and a 120fps slow-motion mode at 1080p.

The third hole in the camera setup, is not a camera but a special spectral sensor.

Extra forehead for Extra Sensors– Enter Hand Gesture

The Pixel although has a notchless design but has a rather broad forehead, that is because it has an 8MP camera, 3d depth sensor, and the new Soli radar.

Soli radar helps in using hands-free user experience with, hand gestures. so basically not so hand free experience afterall. You can check notifications, change tracks, talk to new assistant, etc. 

Inside Pixel– Stone Unturned

Now comes the compromise, the phones are powered by the Snapdragon 855 vanilla variant only with 6GB of RAM. The base models get 64GB of storage, the only upgrade option is 128GB. There is no Snapdragon 855+ here to see. Qi charging facility is available and USB power delivery maxes out at 18W.


First ever 90Hz screen for Pixel is here for that extra smoothness with animations are continuously being added with every new Android Version. There is an Ambient EQ feature similar to Apple’s truetone display with considers ambient light to change screen colors to be as true as possible. The smaller sibling gets 5.7” OLED panel with 1080p+ resolution and the taller sibling gets 6.3” display with QHD+ resolution. In both cases, the aspect ratio is a clean 19:9

Here is the Complementary video by Google



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