AMD follows suit, Joins Blender Foundation

This is the year of Blender as after the release latest version i.e. Blender 2.80, Industry behemoths have started showing their commitment towards the development of next iteration of Blender.

We have recently reported that Nvidia has recently joined Blender foundations’ development fund and this was focused on use of their proprietary GPGPU software CUDA inside blender and their recently released OptiX denoise filter.

Not to be left behind, AMD has now announced that they are also joining development fund and the focus is going to be on OpenCL usage.

This is to be noted that Nvidia has been vocal in the usage of proprietary GPGPU methodology and AMD has always supported OpenCL which is a license free GPGPU support by Khronos foundation.

AMD has its own rendering solution called Radeon Pro Render which not only is open source, it has recently now added support for Vulkan hybrid rendering.



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