The Game is on- Physical DG1 GPU by Intel Makes an Appearance in All Glory

The first working dedicated GPU by Intel out, although out for developers only. Intel Demoed DG1 discrete graphics at CES 2020 with one demo running on a development kit intended for independent software vendors (ISV) and one demo on a laptop (mind blown).

Intel has already confirmed that the new Gen12 architecture is a major step forward that is twice as fast than the graphics architecture inside its Gen 10 CPUs a.k.a. comet lake. This makes us giddy to think that what this chip can do in its larger avatar.

But for now, intel is currently demoing the same chip (this is our best guess) in laptop and in a discrete package. This shows that the power consumption of the GPU is eerily low. This is no performance powerhouse as this is just to show that their silicon is up and running. Let’s get to the discrete package as this is the star of the article.

DG1 Software Development Vehicle

The desktop DG1 card is known as DG1 Software Development Vehicle and will be produced in small quantities and will ship to ISV for software development and testing purpose. No specifications have been revealed by Intel as of yet.

There is a row of LED near the ports which can change colors. However, Intel is using blue to symbolize the company’s color of the logo. The card is running directly off the pcie slot which confirms the card is using less than 75W. There is an open air cooler design with heatsink having streaks representing mock aerodynamics. The card also has 4 display port.

Performance-wise, The GPU was seen running Warframe at 1080p. Now Warframe is an old game and is not so fancy to begin with doesn’t show much of performance. Especially considering FPS information is not shared. but the aim is not show GPU performance but to display that Intel is going in right direction, The GPU is not a vapourware and is alive and kicking.

Intel is on the verge to change the GPU landscape by becoming the third major GPU vendor where the market is in a duopoly for so many years. However making GPU is one thing, challenging the top end is another as Nvidia keeps on upping the performance band even without competition. AMD has also vowed to follow the cadence and challenge Nvidia for the high end. Software stack is another area where Intel will be investing hard has the both Nvidia and AMD have good support for over the years. Intel’s first aim would be at data center where the money lies and Ponte Vecchio is aimed at it. Learn more about it here.




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