Android gets Ambient Mode- Converts the Phone into Smart Display

If your phone is on Android 8 and above, you can enjoy a new feature that Google is releasing out called Ambient Mode which converts your mobile phone into a smart display while the mobile is charging. There is a catch though.

The Ambient mode is being rolled out in a phased manner to selected manufacturers like Sony Xperia phones, Nokia phones, Transsion phones, Xiaomi phones, and Lenovo’s Smart Tab M8 HD and Yoga Smart Tab. So people hoping to get this feature by simply updating the google app may be on the disspointing end.

What is the ambient mode?

Ambient mode is a new feature that will be included into the Google Search app and kicks in any time the phone is charged and replaces the lock screen. It shows a greeting message at the top, followed by your calendar, weather, upcoming flights, and notifications. A quick settings section that shows things like a do-not-disturb toggle and smart home controls for lights and thermostats.

Oh and there’s also a photo frame mode.

The features are quite similar to what can already be done on a Google Nest Hub. Will this be limited to some device due to hardware feature or available to everyone is anyone’s guess.

Google has released a new video showcasing Ambient Feature that is embedded below.



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