OnePlus 8 Series Launch Event and Key Specification Announced

After pushing the launch event thrice, CEO Pete Lau has finally announced the launch event for much anticipated next flagship series by OnePlus, which looking at the current situation, this will be a live stream event.

The announcement was done vide the OnePlus Official twitter handle and the date is April 14, 2020.

Will this again be the flagship killer? Well, it certainly does have flagship parts that were announced in the forum of OnePlus where this bad boy will focus on smoothness and this will arrive with 120Hz display. and to drive this smoothness is a Snapdragon 865 SOC, which is the most powerful and latest SOC by Qualcomm. Although not announced in the forum post, there will also be a dedicated chip that will accelerate the 120Hz refresh rate where content will be auto enhanced using an algorithm to make them suitable for high refresh rate screen.

This SOC will also have flagship level LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0.

Not that we needed any specification announcement since we have massive leaks in our hands already.

Smoothness is largely found through system performance. As a premium smartphone brand, OnePlus has always made its flagship products with the most robust hardware components to deliver smooth, fluid system performance. So, naturally, with the OnePlus 8 series, we started by laying a foundation with the best hardware available.

OnePlus is also not just relying on fast hardware alone and is also focusing on software with a dedicated R&D team.

This drive to bring out the true power offered by the top-of-the-line specs comes to life with our specialized R&D team, literally named the “FSE Team” (Fast, Smooth, Efficient). We set up this team in 2016 with the sole focus on system optimizations. Its only objective is to ensure that OnePlus devices can deliver the fastest and smoothest experience possible, in a continuous and stable manner. In fact, we don’t even release products until they meet, or better yet exceed, the extremely high standards we set for ourselves.

We already know that OnePlus will launch multiple models in their 8 series mobile, one of them is a “lite” version which will be their take on OnePlus X, their low cost alternative to flagship model as the new models are not going to be cheap due to 5G inclusion which has increased the cost of SOC significantly.

Watch the live event from here.




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