Intel Ups the Ante- Becomes Corporate Gold Member in Blender 3D

Blender 3D is growing in leaps and bounds with a new version numbering system on the horizon, fast development pace all thanks to corporate and individual backing the Blender Foundation. The foundation now has Ubisoft, CGGE, Tangent Labs, etc as corporate gold members and Epic AMD and Nvidia as Patrons.

Intel has now upped the ante with corporate Gold membership joining the likes of Ubisoft which means they will be contributing roughly €30K per year . This is still a FarCry (see what we did there?) from what AMD and Nvidia are contributing, being a corporate patron which results in a contribution of a whopping €120K per year.

Maybe when Intel’s Xe family GPU will make an appearance, they will upgrade their support even further.

The Blender Foundation has massive support from 36 corporates and 3901 individual contributors which brings in a staggering $107504 every month.




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